34th Hunger Games Fanon Wiki

"From 11, I first go meet Fallstreak Ivory... I saw her games during the highlights and saw her in a fight with a boy in a forest or something. That's rough."

-Thorburn talking about Fallstreak's Games.

The 16th Games were won by District 11's Fallstreak Ivory at age 17. These Games were pretty famous in the eyes of the Capitol.

Pre Games

During this time, she was mentored by Wolfmark Redpath, and her odds of winning were 6-1. This year's Head Gamemaker was the one and only Evander Salys.

16th Games

During the bloodbath, she killed 6 tributes, as she was a fast learner using blades. She killed all of the careers during the first 5 days, and made a camp in the center of the arena with the supplies and backpacks surrounded around the cornucopia.

During the feast, (which was in the 10th day) the remaining six tributes had to fight over something they needed. However, Fallstreak needed nothing, but since she was in that part of the arena, she had to fight the other tributes. The District 6 boy killed two tributes, and she killed him while he was occupied fighting other tributes. The other three tributes were fighting, and one of them got killed by one boy, and the other got killed by a girl. This left Fallstreak and a girl from District 8. The two fought, only for the battle to be won by Fallstreak.

Her Games were partially described by Thorburn 34 years later, saying that the arena was a forest. This year's Other Victor was Ocean Naysmit from District 4.