The 15th Hunger Games

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"From 6, theres Ivo Lockhearst. He's a pretty strong looking guy. I wasn't alive for his Games, but I've been said that he was the strongest tribute in the Games before the reaping this year. I ask for him to talk about his Games since I wasn't alive for that. Besides, I didn't really pay attention to his Games during that whole, "highlight" of their Games.

The info I got from him was that he killed with a spear, and he said that there was a storm so great that it killed everyone except him, and the tributes from 1, since he hid in a cave. Everyone else drowned, while he blocked the entry of the cave with multiple boulders. Yeah, he was the strongest in his respective Games."

-Thorburn talking about how Ivo won his Games that year

The 15th Hunger Games were won by the 18 year old Ivo Lockhearst from District 6.

Pre Games

This year, his mentor was Tressa Spectral. Faunus Etruscan was the Head Gamemaker this year. Its also known that he was reaped this year, instead of him being a volunteer. He was also the strongest tribute in the Games that year.   

15th Games

While in the arena, during the Cornucopia bloodbath, Ivo took a spear and killed 2 other tributes. He than ran off with lots of supplies. When a female was about to die in the Games, she admitted in the crowd that the Head Gamemaker that year was prostituting the female tributes in exchange of him killing everyone else in the Games, even though he killed them off anyways. All of Panem saw this and the Gamemaker was executed.

Days went by and not a single tribute got killed after that, until the Gamemakers created a storm so incredible that it killed everyone except for Ivo, who hid in a cave, and both tributes from District 1, who fought each other to the death and ended up killing each other, leaving Ivo victorious. Ivo was the strongest tribute in the games since he worked a lot on vehicles and won his games at age 18. Also, his odds of winning were 10-1. This year's Other Victor was Aurelius Ruelas.


  • Many people think that he's the winner of the 31st Games, even though Suzanne Collins herself said that Muscida won that year. This is because the Capitol messed up his Victory Tour image after he won.
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