34th Hunger Games Fanon Wiki

"From 9, there's the famous Mizar Aldjoy, the girl who won in an abandoned town."

-Magnus talking about this year's Games

The 13th Games were won by the 17 year old Mizar Aldjoy from District 9.

Pre Games

This year's Head Gamemaker was Nashir GeminaAlso, Mizar's odds of winning were 24-1. Mizar used slingshots to fire knives.

13th Games

During the Games, the arena was a classic wild west style desert. The Cornucopia was in an abandoned town. The Weapons in the Cornucopia included war clubs, tomahawks, spears and bows , and arrow and simple sickles and scythes. In the bloodbath, 10 tributes died, most of them being from the careers, and one was from Mizar. Many died trying to eat the food in the old abandoned store, but it was poisoned and so half of the tributes died when they had to food. However, Mizar was smart and took extra precautions, so she ate what was in her bag instead.

After getting energized, she went out hunting for tributes. She came across 2 tributes, both she killed. One of them was a boy from District 11, who almost choked her to death, but she used her knife to stab him in the chest, causing him to bleed to death. The last tribute she had to face was a boy from District 1, who tried to stab her with a knife, but he missed and Mizar sliced his legs, making him sink to the ground before she slit his throat, killing him, crowing her the Victor.

Post Games

District 9 received a wheat farm with a root system from intercropping that gave them food all year around as their District Gift.