The 11th Hunger Games

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The 11th Games were won by the 16 year old Mags Flanagan. These Games were pretty popular in the Capitol.

Pre Games

This year's Head Gamemaker was Nashir Gemina. Also, Mag's chances of winning were 15-1.

11th Games

She worked alone. In the arena, (which was an "enchanted" forest), they had golden deer, moose, and squirrels there. They were intended to be mutts, but they don't kill anyone. Mags made fish hook out of bark and caught a fish with it. She cooked it,and proceeded on her way.

Later, a tornado comes destroying everything in its path, and killing the rest of the remaining tributes, except for Mags, who was smart enough to make a small shelter. Then, the tornado stops, and then Romulus Templesmith congratulates the winner. Its' also noteworthy that the tributes this year were all 15 years or older.

Post Games

District 4's tributes received a large quantity of the most advanced fishing boats for their District Gift.


  • These Games were told in, "The 5th Victor" at first, since it was going to take place in 34 ADD, but was changed to 5 ADD later. However, this gave us information on how the Games were.
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