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Sophie Mellark (sometimes her first named is spelled like "Sophey") is the wife of Zander Mellark, and the mom of Peeta Mellark, Jackie Mellark, and Logan Mellark. She is abusive to all of her sons, but is especially cruel to Peeta. She is known as a "witch" throughout District 12.

74th Hunger Games

In the book, Katniss remembers her scolding Peeta out for burning the bread to give to Katniss. Katniss tries to avoid her at all costs, as she knows that she is very harsh. When Peeta is reaped, she is not supportive of his son. Later into the book when Peeta is talking to Katniss, he tells her that his mother said, "Maybe District 12 will have a victor this year. She's a fighter, that one", insinuating that she didn't think Peeta would come home, but that Katniss had a good shot.

75th Hunger Games

When Peeta is picked for the Games, she has less faith in him, since he has to deal with fighting other victors from previous Games. However, Peeta kills 2 victors during these Games. 34 mins after the Games ended, a Capitol ship flew down and bombed District 12. She was one of the thousands of casualties during this bombing, as she died with some of her family. She was killed instantly.


  • For being so mean, she isn't added in the Memory Book. However, her husband was.