34th Hunger Games Fanon Wiki

"The oldest is Satino Belcourt, he won the 24th Games, he's the only Victor here with grandchildren."

-Maika Sheert talking about Satino

Satino Belcourt  was supposedly the fourth of the eleven Victor's of District 1. However, we don't see his name in the list of victors from his district in Mockingjay. This means that he was probably just a model in the Capitol doing the same thing as Augustus Braun or Porter Millicent Tripp. This also means that he is an Other Victor. He is rumored to have won the 24th Hunger Games at age 18. This means he was born in 6 ADD.

66th series

During the first book in the series by Michiel K. he is briefly mentioned by him in 66 ADD. His role is bigger in The 66th Mentoring, as he offers to mentor this years tributes, but Maika is chosen instead. He is mentioned to stand along all victors at the Reaping in the 66th Victor.