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Sabille is the 3rd victor of District 7, at 17 years old. She won The 28th Hunger Games.



Early Life

In her youth, according to her name, she probably grew up and lived a willow farm. This would make sense since she's from the west, being from District 7. Growing up here, it's probable that instead of being a lumberjack, Sabille was a builder, if she was old enough to get a job. However, she could have gotten experience from using an axe from maybe cutting wood instead of being in the forest. At an early age. Sabille picked up the accent the people from 7 have. s you can see, very little is known about the early days about her life.

28th Hunger Games

Her Games would be described by Thorburn, "Another Game I watched, the 28th Games, won by a girl from District 7, Sabille Bosehearty. She's very brave, with her killing a mutt bear with her amazing axe throwing skills all by herself. Her district partner died in the bloodbath. Since she's from 7, she was able to get her way around the forest very easily, being from 7 of course.  

She eventually runs into the last 2 careers during the showdown of the Games. Its the boy from 4, and the boy from 2. They're both incredibly ripped. However, Sabille manages to throw an axe at the boy from 4's head with one try, with the other kid dodging it. Eventually, she would have to confront him by decapitating him on the spot with the axe she used to kill the other guy." Also, her odds of winning would be 7-1. 

29th Victor

During this time,she is mentioned being in the propaganda that the Capitol had sent to each district during the reaping.

40th Games

During this year, she was one of the mentors from her district this year. She talks to Thorburn as well, "Then, theres Sabille, the girl I watched 2 days ago. She has a very tough personality, and acts and sounds like a cowgirl from District 10. Well, District 7 is from the west anyways. She also has some pretty big muscles too."


During this time, when District 13 was breaking in the Capitol to retrieve the fellow victors, her name was seen on a pillar with her fellow victors from the same district.


  • The name "Sabille" probably came from the name "Saville". The meaning for Saville is: From the willow farm, as mentioned above.