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Ron Stafford is one of the victors from District 4, winning The 68th Hunger Games at age 18.



68th Games

Before the Games begun he received an 8 as a training score since he was a skilled career. His odds of winning were 8 - 1

Ladies and gentlemen let 68th Hunger games in the bloodbath there were 14 killed 7 of which were killed by the careers this year Ron Stafford did not join the careers so that means that there were 5 careers and not 6. That means there was 10 kid left after 1 day he teamed up with the boy from 7 and the girl from 7 later that day the girl from 7 was killed by the girl from 12 and then when the girl from 12 found Ron she said the careers killed the girl form 7 so the boy from 7 killed the girl from 4 and the girl from 2 so then Ron was mad because he liked the girl from 4 so he killed the boy from 7 by day 4 there were 6 tributes left the girl from 12 and the boy from 2 and the boy from 1 and girl from 1 and Ron. Later the careers killed each other off and then there were 2 more careers on day 5. The Boy from 2 and the girl from 1 on day 6 the second last day Ron figured out that the girl from 12 killed the girl from 7 so tried to kill her but failed and killed the boy from 2 so then the girl from 12 killed the girl from 1. on Day 7 the last day the girl from 12 hurt Ron then Ron hit her on the head and she died. Ladies and gentleman the winner of the 68th hunger games.

75th Games

He wasn't reaped for the Games, but he was seen in the reaping. He was rather unhappy when Finnick was picked to be in the Games.


He was executed in the Victor's Purge.


During this time, when District 13 was breaking in to save the remaining victors held hostage in the Capitol, his name was seen on a black pillar with the names of his other fellow victors from the same district. The other districts had the same thing, with their names plastered on the pillars as well.


  • His Games were partially described by Katniss.
  • The name Ron is an English baby name. In English the meaning of the name Ronis: Rules with counsel.
  • Him and Struve both are victors and both had fathers that were Mayors during some time.