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Rendwick is a victor from District 1, and won The 53rd Hunger Games at age 17. Some people assumed that Rendwick's gender is a girl, rather than a boy. She is nicknamed as "The Huntress." She is said to have shown nothing but pure ferocity, courage, strength, strong leadership, savageness, and everything else a Career should be.


53rd Games

Before the Games, her odds of winning were 5 - 1.

Not too much is known about her Games, but we do know that she was a skillful career. However, it is known that she didn't volunteer but won anyways. This hasn't happened to many careers, as most of them tend to volunteer. During the bloodbath, her mouth was sliced open by a tribute but he was later killed swiftly.

When the gong sounded, letting everyone know that the bloodbath was over, she killed the Career pack she was in. Later, when she was alone in the forest, she was chased down by a gorilla mutt. However, since she was very agile and fast, she was able to climb a tree and throw an axe that the creature's head, killing the mutt and crowning her the victor, just when the second to last tribute died.

Victory Tour

Because of her injury in the Games, she had to wear a mouthpiece, concealing her mouth so anyone wouldn't be able to see her wound that made many consider her as "ugly."

Second Rebellion

She was another victor that rebelled against the Capitol, but she has killed during the Second Rebellion, but how is unknown.

When District 13 broke in the Capitol to save the remaining victors held hostage, her name was seen on a black pillar, along with her other victors from 1.


  • In Mockingjay reveals that Rendwick Keene is the ninth winner of District 1.
  • The name Rendwick means "sculpture" although it also has variants of "garden" or even "thorn".