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The Ray Family is one of the most powerful and influential families in Panem, being a family in the 13 Patriarch Families of the Capitol. They are one of the lesser known ones, since they aren't taken seriously since the leader of the family is an idiot.


The Ray Family ended when Marcellus Ray married president (at the time) Corlana Snow. The two later had a son named Coriolanus Snow, who literally killed him from stressing him out too much, causing high blood pressure and such.


  • Lucia Ray - mother of Marcellus
  • Marcellus Ray - leader of this family
  • Corlana Snow - wife or Marcellus Ray; president of Panem from 4 BFG to 19 ADD
  • Coriolanus Snow - half member; president of Panem from 20 ADD to 76 ADD