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Publius Escenzal is the escort of District 1 starting in 67 ADD. He replaces Elena Augustra since she was executed. He is said to resemble a candycane with red and white hair and a bright pink suit.

The 66th Mentoring

He is a huge fan of Maika Sheert. We also get to know that his father was a fan too, and he's a Gamemaker. When he is asked by Maika about what happened to Elena, he said that she was executed a week after she was taken by the Capitol. This obviously upsets Maika. Later, he informs Maika about his mentoring job.

The next day, he is seen teaching the new tributes about etiquette, one of his only specialties, being from the Capitol, which is full of privileged and civilized people, if you can ignore the fact that they love child slaughter. When Maika and the tributes arrive at the Capitol, he gets very exited. He later comes and take Maika to the apartment to see it, even though he was in it last year. When seeing the Tribute Parade, he gets very exited and likes District 1's tributes's costumes. After that, the two both go to the Remake Center.

When asked by an angry Maika Sheert why they have the Games, he gives him a couple of crappy reasons why. He takes Maika to a statue that represents the rebellion, 13 bigger people attacking one small child. When looking at the statue, he explains some of his past about his family, including his father and grandmother. He gets very exited when the Game being. When the bloodbath ends, he offers Maika to chill with Justin Hix, but the offer is declined since Maika thinks he's a freak.