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Porter Millicent Tripp is the 4th winner of District 5 when it comes to the Hunger Games. She won The 38th Hunger Games at the age of 15. She is considered a hero in Panem for her being so resilient.

However, just like Augustus Braun, she isn't seen in the list of victors from her district, making her a other victor, meaning that the real winner of these games was a different person. She was probably in fact, just a Capitol model.

38th Hunger Games

Her odds of winning during this year was 7-1.

According to many, she played it very smart during these times. However, when the last tributes fought, which was her and the District 11 female, Porter won, but received a spinal injury as well, since she was pushed off of the cornucopia.

38th Victory Tour

During her victory your, she had to wear a halo due to her injury of the Games. She wore a completely blue suit with Capitol logos on them. She was very proud to win.

The 66th Hunger Games

She is mentioned by many to be their personal hero, along with Cecilia Sanchez. She also mentored the girl from her district during this time.


She was killed during the Victors Purge at age 53, specifically during the Second Rebellion. However, this was fake too, but she died during the same time for unknown reasons.