34th Hunger Games Fanon Wiki

"And a few years ago, the boy who won the Games only received a three"

 -Katniss talking about Pliny in "The Hunger Games." 

Pliny is the last victor of District 7, at the age of 16. Alas, he was executed during the Victor's Purge.



The 72nd Hunger Games

Since he won, Johanna Mason, (his mentor) must have given him some good advice on how to win the Games. During his private session, he didn't do so well, putting his odds of winning to 20 - 1. This is because he got the training score of a three.

During his parade, he was dressed up like a tree, since Johanna said that tributes from 7 have been dressing up like them for 40 years since Catching Fire.

The arena that year was a snowy terrain that killed many tribute by freezing them to death. Despite this, Pliny kept moving on, killing tributes with an axe.


During this time, when District 13 was breaking in to save the remaining victors held hostage in the Capitol, his name was seen on a black pillar with the names of his other fellow victors from the same district. The other districts had the same thing, with their names plastered on the pillars as well.


  • Some call him, "Flint" or "Fliny" for his first name.