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Phaedra Slipnook was the commander of District 1 during the rebellion.




Her sister, Kriska Slipnook was reaped for The 50th Hunger Games as one of the female Tributes when Phaedra was 2 years old. Kriska was the one who fought with Haymitch for the crown. Like all the children in his district, Phaedra trained until he was 18 years old. When she could no longer be reaped, Phaedra entered the group of rebels of District 1, and at 22 he became commander. When the battle began, Phaedra led the rebels, who took most of the factories and the Justice building, the Peacekeepers were defeated and the district seemed to be under control for a few hours, but more officers arrived and the battle it began again, in the end almost all the rebels were killed, along with a large portion of Peacekeepers, Phaedra survived and was later elected as mayor of her District.

Phaedra, like her sister and almost everyone in her district, is blonde, tall, slender and very attractive. She had great skill with the gun, her favorite weapon.