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Standard Peacekeeper outfit
"Most of the Peacekeepers turn a blind eye to the few of us who hunt because they're as hungry for fresh meat as anybody is."
-Katniss talking about Peacekeepers

Peacekeepers are the primary group of people responsible to repress riots and such. They are taught to show no emotion, and to be vicious and tough, since most of the Peacekeepers are District 2 citizens that never partook in the Games. However, every citizen there has to get training to be one. This mentally and physically trains them, and also teaches them forms of self defense. This is why District 2 is a career district, and why the tributes there are very skilled when it comes to fighting, or at least most of the time. They won't take a moments hesitation to enforce the law in Panem.

They essentially act as the government's internal security force in the various districts, led by a Head Peacekeeper who is in charge of the local garrison. They ensure that the Capitol's laws are obeyed, and punish those who break them in many different ways such as execution (usually in the public) and public torture. Peacekeepers also form the bulk of the Capitol's army, serving as foot soldiers and piloting hovercrafts. Peacekeeper outfits are very costly, with the price being $ 80,000 to make each one.

List of known Peacekeepers:

Peacekeeper Gender Age
Darius Male 20's
Romulus Thread Male Middle-aged
Purnia Female Unknown
Cray Fitzgerald Male Middle-aged
Effie's boyfriend Male 30's
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