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Parry Ogilvy (sometimes his last name is "Ogilby") is the last victor of District 11, winning The 55th Hunger Games at age of 18. He used to work in the fields a lot, giving him great strength when he was in the Games, just like the tributes in the 74th Games. Multiple sources say that he won before The 67th Hunger Games, so it would make sense that he won in 55 ADD.

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55th Games

Parry would be mentored by Fallstreak Ivory during these Games. Also, his odds of winning were 18 - 1.

Due to his immense strength, he managed to kill at least one tribute in the bloodbath. Parry would stay away from anything poisonous. During the finale of the Games, during nighttime, there were mutts with night vision that killed 50 percent of the remaining tributes at the time, leaving Parry the winner of that year.

67th Games

Parry was the only mentor during these times, but when there was only Ivette, the District 1 Female, and the District 11 Female, Georgia. Georgia was killed by the career, leaving a strong hatred to the girl from 1 from Parry. However, the career was killed by being poisoned by Ivette.

75th Games

When Chaff and Seeder are reaped, Parry and Fallstreak become their mentor. However, the 2 tributes die anyways.


When Districts 8 and 11 uprise, the remaining victors are killed from their district. This included Parry, Fallstreak, and Wolfmark. He was also killed since he supported the Mockingjay. Also, when District 13 broke in the Capitol to save the remaining victors held hostage, his name was seen on a black pillar, along with his other victors from 11.


  • Parry is a name of Welsh origin originally derived from shortening 'ap Harry' (Welsh for "son of Harry").