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Maysilee was the 2d female tribute from District 12 that participated in The 50th Hunger Games.


During this time, when she is called, she was seen clinging to two other girls. One of them was Katniss's mother, and the other girl, a person who looked very similar to her, was Mrs. Undersee.

Tribute Parade

As usual, the tributes of District 12 were in coal mining outfits that looked ugly.

50th Games

When the bloodbath began, she escaped a grabbed supplies, which were a a blowgun, a bowl, some dried beef, and a backpack of rope. She used these darts in a great way by dipping them in poison, since the amount of that was plentiful in the arena. She would then use these poinonsed darts as a weapon. When Haymitch was about to get killed, she shot a dart at the career's neck, giving him a lethal injection of the poison she had on the dart, killing the him. After this, she allied with Haymitch.

Later on in the Games, when there were only 5 tribute left, the small alliance broke up since she didn't want it to come down to the two of them. After this, her neck was skewered by a flock of candy pink bird mutts, killing her. She placed 5th out of the 48 tributes. Her death brought great sorrow to Haymitch. Her death also rang a Great Depression to Mrs. Undersee as well.

After Maysilee's death and the Games, Maysilee's mother gave Mrs. Everdeen her pet songbird to keep and care for her. She was also the original owner of Katniss's mockingjay pin.