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"I take a deep breath as the faces of the eleven dead tributes being and tick them off one by one in my fingers... Then the boy from 4. I didn't expect that one since usually all of the Careers make it through the first day."

-Katniss talking about Max in "The Hunger Games"

Max Jamieson was the tribute from District 4 who participated in The 74th Hunger Games. In the first book, he is a career, but in the first movie, he isn't.

Tribute Parade

He and Marina Macken wore light blue outfits with blue crowns that looked like splashing water, pearls and bubbles, and the shoulders on their outfits that were pinned together with starfish, obviously representing the ocean, which was very appropriate for his district, with their main industry being fishing.


Max was seen multiple times during training. He can be seen standing next to Rue Stenberg listening to Atala explaining the rules and such. He is also seen near Chase Nelson and some of the others after Atala's speech. He could see Cato Hadley and Jason Moio fight over who took Cato's knife. After his training session, he received an 8.

The 74th Hunger Games

Max was killed in the initial Cornucopia Bloodbath by Cato. Katniss was surprised to see his face in the sky on the first day, as he was from District 4 and was considered a career tribute. In the film, nothing was said about District 4 being a career district, probably making him a normal tribute.

In the film, he ran to the cornucopia and hid in there so he could avoid fighting with the other tributes. He took a short sword and a yellow sleeping bag. When the bloodbath was nearly over, he attempted to escape with nobody noticing him, but he was caught by Cato, resulting in him slashing his throat open, killing him. Later in the film, his DNA is mixed in the wolf mutt. It is unknown if his mutt survived or not.


  • In the film, his odds of winning were 15-1.
  • In the film, he weighs 65 pounds and is 12 years old.
  • In the arena, Max and his district partner, Marina Macken, wore a sea storm blue jacket.
  • In the film, it appears he is the last tribute to die at the Cornucopia Bloodbath.
  • He is one of the tributes to have died in the bloodbath to have his corpse and portrait shown in the film.
  • He actually didn’t place 14th in the movie since Dakota Hood, who plays the girl from District 10 confirmed she died last and we can see Cato kills the District 7 Female and Chris Mark after him meaning placing him 17th.
  • It is very likely that Finnick Odair was his mentor.
  • On Panem October, his name is Breck but fans say his portrayer confirmed his name as Max.