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"Theres one girl from District 12 called Maria Mellark, that is literally screaming as she is taken. I know the Hunger Games are a gruesome thing but that will not get her many sponsors. She is crying andscreaming on how unfair it is."

-Her being descried in "The 66th Mentoring"

Maria Mellark participates in The 67th Hunger Games as a tribute from 12. If she was a part of the family and didn't just have the same last name, then she was the oldest sibling in the family.

67th Hunger Games

When Maria was reaped, she was screaming and crying, yelling on how unfair it was. Her district partner even seemed uncomfortable. This didn't do her good and she received no sponsors for it. She wore a back coal mining outfit during the parade. 

Before the Games started, she was mentored by Haymitch Abernathy. However, he was too drunk to even care about this year, so she had to work on her own. She received a 7 for training, since she was pretty strong.e.

During Maria's interview, she wears a simple white dress that makes her look like a candle.

During the start of the Games, she didn't kill anyone, but she took a backpack and ran out of sight from the other tributes. Claudius Templesmith is rooting for Maria and is very surprised she made it this far, as that District usually dies on day 1. On day 2, she encountered the boy from District 2, who stabbed her to death. This death brought great sorrow to her family.


She has blond hair and blue eyes, which is the common look for a person in the merchant area merchant in 12.