Maple Hancock

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Maple Hancock is a tribute in The 74th Hunger Games. Sadly, she doesn't make it through the Games.

Tribute Parade

In the parade, she is seen wearing a strange white outfit, along with her district partner, Sam. However, in the book, she is dressing up like a tree, just like Sam is.


She is seen in several instances around other tributes like Katniss, Clove, etc. She also watches as the Jason and Cato argue, since Cato thought Jason took his knife.

The 74th Hunger Games

Cornucopia Bloodbath

She is seen in several shots, one of them hiding behind a crate while Chris Mark kills Mayley Prescott. She is about to get killed by him, until Sam saves her and almost kills the District 5 male, but is killed by Thresh. After that, she fights over a bag with Chase Nelson, but later loses the bag, and gets speared by Marvel Sanford, although this doesn’t instantly kill her. She gets up and inside the Cornucopia, Cato Hadley starts a killing spree, ruthlessly murdering her and Max Jamieson. She places 18th. Later, in the film, Katniss sees her face projected in the sky. Her DNA was mixed with one of the mutts in the final days of the Games, but it is unknown if this mutt died or not.


  • Her odds were 7-1, which were the same as Glimmer's and Foxface's
  • She weighs 106 lbs.
  • She died 2 mins and 31 seconds after the Games started
  • On Panem October, her name is Ivy, although her portrayer confirmed her name as Maple which is more fitting since an Ivy is a plant and a Maple is a tree. Some fans also claim her name is Sienna.

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