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Lyme Rabe is a victor from District 2, winning The 54th Hunger Games at the age of 17. She would later become a commander in her District, and she is described as being nice, but also having the capability to be very mean and cold. According to Enobaria Golding, she is the most respected person in District 2.


54th Hunger Games

Before her Games would begin, her odds of winning were 6-1.

Not much is known about these Games, except that it took place around a volcano. She was a skilled career and was very good at making battle tactics when it came to fighting tributes. She was also pretty merciful during this year, and did not kill more than one tribute during this year's Hunger Games.

62nd Games

During this year, she mentored victor, "Enobaria Golding". Its unknown what advice she gave to her to win.

Second Rebellion

During this time, Katniss mentions that she won her Games over a generation ago. This also supports that idea that she won the 54th Games. Now, she is a commander. After they carry out Beetee and Gale's combined plans to make the Nut collapse over itself to block the exits and force the workers out through the train station, while the rebellion goes back to District 13 after Katniss was shot and the district was in the alliance, Lyme was still in District 2. Coin planned on using her in the raid of the Capitol as she wanted as many past victors as she could get. During this time, other victors besides Haymitch, Katniss, and Lyme, that were there, were Magnus, Berglind, Kurt, and Abigail, and more.


Since she did not appear with the meeting with the last remaining victors, it can be assumed that she died during the time of the battle of District 2.