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Levinus Cayhen is the brother of Lavinia, and the son of Lysander and Lemone Cayhen. He is briefly mentioned in the book "The Hunger Games."


Levinus and his sister were born into the Cayhen Family, one of The 13 Patriarch Families of the Capitol. They were very wealthy and happy during their childhood. However, that changed when their father pulled a trick in The 70th Hunger Games that killed the crowd's favourite tribute and was fired for it.

To restore their family's honour, Levinus and Lavinia went to Head Gamemaker Janus's house to threaten him with a knife into hiring their father back. Janus was accidentily killed by Levinus in the proces. Since Peacekeepers were already there, Levinus and Lavinia tried to flee from the Capitol to District 13, where they had recently found out could be life. They made it through District 9 and District 3 without many troubles but travelled through District 8 for a week with help from Barthew Curk(father of rebels Eddy Curk and Nadine Curk). The Capitol found out however, through his wife, that he hid Levinus and Lavinia. The Peacekeepers quickly killed Barthew. They fled to District 12, where the Capitol found them after a day.

74 ADD

Before his sister became an Avox, he and his sister, whom Katniss believed that Levinus was her brother or lover, were seen by Katniss and Gale while they were out hunting, in an off-limits wood outside of District 12.

They appeared to be escaping from the Capitol, and Katniss noted that the two had a "Capitol look" to them. A Capitol hovercraftappeared; Levinus was struck with a spear that was shot from the hovercraft and was killed instantly, then was lifted up to the hovercraft, not to be mentioned again in the series. When the boy was killed, she screamed what sounded like a name, and Katniss wondered if it was the name of the boy.