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"Next, theres the legendary Leonis. He has brown hair with freckles. He sounds nerdy, but he's sure good a using a spear. And I thought I was pretty good. I just got put to shame. Im starting to think that Im not truly that special, with the other mentors winning the games spectacularly."

-Magnus talking about Leonis

Leonis Alpha Elestren is the one of the victors of District 2. He was the victor of The 21st Hunger Games at 16. He is also the husband of Phox Yule, another victor. He also has three children: Eros, Averette, and Anteros.



21st Games

Leonis grabbed a spear during the bloodbath. He threw it, killing 3 tributes at once. After this event, he quickly became very popular through Panem for this. Also, his odds of winning that year were 7-1.

Post Games

After he won, around 8-9 years later, he met Phox Yule and fell in love with her. They both were then forced to live in the Capitol by the Capitol if they wanted to live together. They would later then be asked about their love life, and all their private information became public. They hated that part to say the least, but their families were doing just fine. Leonis's family (this is not including Phox) decided to live in the Capiol since they loved them. Sometime later, Leonis and Phox ageed to have three kids.

26th Games

During the 26th Games, he is briefly mentioned in the story, by killing those 3 tributes with the spear.

40th Games

During this time, he is one of the mentors this year for the tributes from his district. When Thorburn watches the highlights of his Games, she is blown away, especially the part where the threw the spear that killed 3 people. 


Leonis would die after the reaping for The 66th Hunger Games, the Games Jackson Spidell won.


  • Leonis's name and character originated from the man, "Leonidas." Leonidas was an incredibly skilled Spartan that used a spear as one of his weapons, just like Leonis.