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Kristof Ly is the male tribute from District 7 in the 74th Hunger Games.

Tribute Parade

Sam is seen wearing a white outfit in the tribute parade while waving to the crowd with his district partner, Maple Hancock, wearing the same thing. However, in the book, they're supposed to be dressed like a tree.


Sam is seen in several instances of training. He is also seen along with Katniss EverdeenPeeta Mellark, Max Jamieson and Sam Tan listening to Atala explaining the rules.


On the first day, Kristof runs toward the Cornucopia in hopes to get a backpack and a weapon. He tries to kill Jeremy Marinas with a spear but is pushed down.

by him. He then runs into Chris Mark, tries to kill him with a spear or a lance (since he wants to defend Maple), but is eventually killed by Thresh Morrowson with a sword. His face is projected in the sky for a brief moment in the film. In the book and film, his DNA is in the mutt that tries to kill Katniss, Peeta, and Cato Hadley. It is unknown if it died or not.


  • His odds of winning were 5-1, which is higher than most tributes, including Thresh.
  • He is 130 lbs.
  • He was the 5th one to die, placing him in 19th out of 24.
  • He only lasted 37 seconds.
  • On Panem October, his name was Kristof. Some fans claim his name is Wallace.