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"...Haymitch and the girl from District 1 to vie for the crown. She's bigger than he is and just as fast..."

-Katniss talking about Kriska

Kriska Slipnook participated in The 50th Hunger Games. It is assumed that she volunteered, since she was a career from a rich district (District 1). Kriska, like her sister and almost everyone in her district, is blonde, tall, slender and very attractive.



50th Games

During the reaping, she wasn't volunteered of or for, but was reaped. However, it wasn't so bad since she had been training from an early age until she was 18 to be a lethal killer. In the Games, Kriska fought in the bloodbath, where she lost one of her district partners and one of the District 4 tributes. 4 days later the 10 careers planned an outing to the mountain in search of tributes, but in an uncertain moment, the mountain exploded killing 5 of them and other tributes. The remaining 5 were separated in chaos. Three of them were killed by Haymitch Abernathy and Maysilee Donner, another was killed by cannibal squirrels.

Later she is seen facing Haymitch since they were the last two standing. She managed to make it past the many traps set by the Gamemakers, in which some of which killed one of the District 2 boys and half of the Career alliance they made, possibly during training. During their fight, she was badly injured by him, since she stabbed her eye out with a knife. However, she hit Haymitch in the stomach with her axe. She later pursued Haymitch while he was running away from her.

When he was corned by walking to the cliff, she threw her axe at him, but he dodged it. The axe bounced off a forcefield behind Haymitch and the axe hit her in the face, killing her, making Haymitch the winner that year. This meant that she placed 2d out of the 48 tributes who entered the arena.