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Kara Peterson was the female tribute from District 6 in the 74th Hunger Games. Her mentor was Megan Hayes.

Tribute Parade

During the parade, she wore a gold, flowing costume that resembled the moon. She also wore a crescent moon-shaped headpiece with small stars on it that curved around her face. This was worn by both her and her district partner, Jason Moio. It may have been based on space shuttles and space travel, because of the moon theme, but it isn't known why their stylists chose this costume idea.


Kara was seen standing with the other tributes when Atala was explaining things like the rules and such. She was also seen in the background training on the gauntlet.

When Jason and Cato Hadley are fighting about Cato's knife, she is seen in a quick shot with a trainer behind the rope station where Thresh Morrowson, Chase Nelson, and Max Jamieson are watching the Peacekeepers running towards the altercation between Cato and Jason to stop the fight from getting any worse.

The 74th Hunger Games

Cornucopia Bloodbath

Kara was killed in the initial Cornucopia bloodbath. Like most of the tributes, she ran for supplies. She grabbed a yellow sleeping bag, but Glimmer Belcourt tried to steal it. After multiple attempts trying to steal Kara's supplies, Glimmer stabbed her to death with a knife, getting her 21st place out of the 24 competitors. During the finale, it is unknown if her wolf mutt survived.


  • In the film, her odds of winning were 23-1.
  • In the film, she was the 4th dead, but when Savannah Lintz was killed, the scoreboard behind Caesar Flickerman showed that she was the 6th dead. However, she placed 21st, as mentioned above
  • She lasted at least 32 seconds in the Games
  • On Panem October, her name is Tamora. Some fans claim her name is Cheryl or Jessica but Kara Peterson confirms that they are all false.