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"From 4, this district really catches my eye. The female tribute that volunteered was Mags Flanagan's granddaughter, Kaily Flanagan. She's very beautiful and the country adores her."

-Jackson talking about her in "An Ice Cold Killer - The 66th Hunger Games"

Kailey/Kaily Flanagan was the female tribute from District 4 that participated in The 66th Hunger Games. She was famously known since her grandmother, Mags Flanagan was a victor that won long ago. So, the Capitol made her very famous and she had a great reputation for it. Before the Games, she would watch many other ones and make strategies to win herself.


Since she wanted to keep up the whole thing with winning a Hunger Games, she volunteered in another girl's place so she could get riches and more fame. She was noticed by Jackson whenever he watched the highlights of the reaping this year.


The Careers wanted her for obvious reasons so she had no problems being in the pack. She and Jackson notice each other in training and she whispers something unintelligible to the other Careers and they laugh. She also specializes in trident throwing, unsurprisingly.

Hunger Games

During the Games, even though it's not said in the book, the author says that she killed the District 12 Female. On day 2, she makes an agreement that if whoever won the fight against each other (which was the District 6 Female and Jackson), the winner would be in their alliance. Later, when a icicle fell down and impaled Ajax, she tried helping him but he died. His death was blamed on her since she kept running her mouth on what to do when this happens. She gets in a heated argument with Clyde and decides to break off of the team and be on her own. However, after she broke away from the alliance, a blizzard had approached and she didn't take shelter in time, so she froze to death.

Post Games

After she died, Mags and her family fell into a depression and she took off being the mentor a year later.


  • Even though one of her family members were a victor, that person was not her favorite.
  • It's also known that her grandmother didn't mentor her this year, sadly enough