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Julius Flickerman is the interviewer to interview the tributes during The 39th Hunger Games to The 66th Hunger Games. However, sometimes his son, Caesar Flickerman fills in for him whenever he needs to. He is seen as very talkative, bright, optimistic, and very alive. His appearance always stays the same, unlike his son. He is also the father of Livia Flickerman, Caesar's sister.

40th Games

This year, he is the interviewer, and is liked by many of the tributes this year. He was also very exited to see the District 4 Male, since his mother was a victor of a Hunger Games 9 years before he was born. He also likes the victor of that year, Thorburn. The boy from 12's interview is so funny that he can't even say goodbye when he goes offstage.

The 66th Hunger Games & Death

During these times, he openly liked the rebellious tributes. However, for breaking the rules, he is poisoned by President Snow, killing him. His death was covered up shortly after, and his son was forced to take over the job.