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Julianus Snow is the son of Coriolanus Snow, the father of Celestia and Agrippina, and the husband of Drusilla Snow.


Julianus was born during The 24th Hunger Games. Being from the most wealthy family in Panem, he had what he wanted, whenever he wanted it. While attending the most expensive college, he met Drusilla Ouctus, and member of the Octus family, which was one of The 13 Patriarch Families. Both families approved, and they both married in 55 ADD. They pair had two daughters, one being Agrippina Snow, born in 59 ADD, and Celestia Snow, being born in 60 ADD.

Julianus is basically a wet rag with no desire to carry on his family legacy. His wife Drusilla is the one with the power-lust. He just wants to be left alone and curl up with a good book. Obviously, he's not a happy person. 

Julianus's favorite daughter was Agrippina, and spoiled his family great because of his wealth. However, he wasn't really looking forward to being president of Panem.


During his one of his live speeches, he is seen with his family. When the rebels come to the Capitol, he knows that his family is in danger because of him so he quickly commits suicide. Then, his youngest daughter, Celestia, flees to the rebels. However, his father doesn't know about his death until he is about to be executed.


  • He is a member-in-law of the Octus Family and a member of the Pompey Family.
  • He was the president of Panem right after his father died, since the Presidency of Panem is hereditary office, passing to the eldest child of the current leader. However, this was quickly taken down after his father's death