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Julia Snow (Julia Snow, née Pompey) is the wife of Coriolanus Snow, and the mother of Julianus Snow.


Being from the Pompey Family, (One of The 13 Patriarch Families of the Capitol) it can be assumed she grew up in a wealthy environment. Her marriage to Coriolanus was a loveless one but they did have general respect for each other it seems, at least in the beginning, because their son Julianus was named after her and traditionally the father would chose a newborns name in the Capitol.


Her son was almost one year old when Julia died. There is a theory she was poisoned by her husband when she tried to get her son into power and becoming president in his stead. This theory became a rumor and circulated to the Districts.


  • She was born the same year as Woof, Honorius, and Coriolanus Snow were.