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"Even if that doesn't work, make a makeshift weapon. The girl that won two years before I did, did the same thing."

-Greir talking about Jomilee in "An Ice Cold Killer - The 66th Hunger Games"

Jomilee Lapworth (sometimes called "Jamilee") is the first victor of District 9, at the age of 17. She won The 33rd Hunger Games.

33d Games

Its not known much on how she won the Games this year, but her arena that she was in was a cold and snowy terrain. She killed multiple tributes during her time in the Games. Its also known that she killed multiple tributes as well, even during the bloodbath, and the cornucopia was located in the ice castle made of black ice. She killed most of her enemies with make-shift weapons. She took shelter by staying in an igloo. We also do know that her odds of winning were 15-1.

In the finale, the final tributes fought in an ice castle made from black ice. This alone made it very hard to fight anyone, so the final fight between the final three tributes looked quite funny to see on television, since they, including Jomilee, were always falling down the final two tributes wovey district 8 and she was 18 so clearly she was the oldest tribute standing she fought with a knife and then the second tribute was from 5 and she was the fan favorite and she was a very strong women. As they were sliping on the ice the girl from 5 slipped and her neck was bleeding and then Wovey throw a knife into Jomille stomach as she fell down she took her make-shift weapon and throw it at her because she though she won but then the weapon killed her as it want though her back and then she was rushed to the hospital to survive.

33d Games

A year after her victory, she mentored her female tribute into victory. This person would be known as Laurel Flamsteed.


During this time, when District 13 was breaking in the Capitol to retrieve the fellow victors, her name was seen on a pillar with her fellow victors from the same district.


  • The name "Jomilee" is a unisex name. The name means courage, strength, and innovation.