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Janus Geltropp Weaveful was the future Head Gamemaker for The 71st Hunger Games. However, he was killed before he could even start his job.


When Lysander Cayhen pulled an extra cruel trick on the crowd's favorite tribute during The 70th Hunger Games, he was fired for it by Janus, since many were angry with him. To restore Lysander's honor, his children broke into his home to intimidate him to hire their father back into the Head Gamemaker position. However, while trying to scare him by threatening him with a knife, they accidentally killed him.

Because of this, the two children were now a threat to the Capitol and they are chased after. They would catch the brother first and spear him in the spear, killing him instantly, and they would take the sister, turn her into an Avox, and then kill her later. After Janus died, they hired Seneca Crane into being the Head Gamemaker for that year until he was executed in 74 ADD by orders of President Snow.