Jackson Spidell


  • Jackson was a killer. He shot a girl from 8 in the heart and he killed his district female Ava by shooting an arrow at her neck. He teamed up a girl from 12, which he tried to kill, but she stabbed him in the hand. Then the arena event was a fire which killed many contestants including the boy from 11, the girl from 6, the boy from 9, the girl from 1 and 3. After the event, there were 6 more tributes: three boys from 1 and 2, and 4 and two girls from 12 and 7 and Jackson. He went to kill the careers but the boy from 4 and girl from 7 made a late alliance with four more tributes. There were more casualties- the girl from 12 kills the girl from 7 and the boy from 4 who was 12 years old. Jackson killed the boy from 4 . After that, there were 2 more tributes- the girl from 12 , which was a surprise because tributes from 12 die fast . the name of a girl from 12 was Marie Colon and her mentor was Haymitch. This was the most interesting battle of the games. It lasted for two weeks. Marie saw Jackson and he said ´kill me´. She replied ´ok´. If Marie won, she would have been the third winner from District 12. Jackson said: ´come closer and kill me´. Marie replayed: ´ok´ . When she was close, he stabbed her in the stomach. He said : ´rot in hell´. Her last word was sorry and Jackson won the games with 2 to 3 people killed.
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