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"Then, in the distance, comes screaming... A cannon fires. We see the hovercraft appear over the area where the wave began and pluck a body from the trees... The woman from District 5."

-Katniss talking about Ivette in Catching Fire

Ivette is the last victor of District 5, winning The 67th Hunger Games at the age of 15. She also participated in The 75th Hunger Games too, as a tribute again, but she died this time.

67th Games

Before the Games would start, her odds of winning were 7 - 1, and her mentor was James Logan.

During the bloodbath, she poisoned 2 people in an alliance, and killed other tributes with throwing knives. She was a very aggressive tribute from 5 this year, as Panem hasn't seen this kind of behavior from District 5 in some time. She also poisoned 3 more tributes in the final stage of the Games, crowning her the victor. It is also stated that she was very skilled at using a tomahawk in the Games,in which he also killed tribute(s) with this as well.

The 75th Hunger Games

Being reaped for the last Quarter Quell, Ivette spent lots of time at the training stations. She spent most of her time throwing knives, axe, and sword training stations. She fought against Marian at the sword fight station, and both have the same knowledge. Her knife and ax throwing skills were also equivalent. During the start of the Games, she arrived at the cornucopia shortly after Justin did. She fought for a pack of knives with Cashmere. Ivette pushes her towards some crates. However, Cashmere takes a knife and tries to stab her but Ivette hits her and leaves. She was hit by Marian until Marian attacks Brutus. When she tried to flee down the rock road, Cashmere was able to throw a knife at her shoulder, causing her to fall into the water. Still, with her wound, she was able to escape from the bloodbath.  

On day two, Katniss hears her screams since her side of the arena is being flooded, however, she died, and Katniss and her crew sees her body being picked up by the Capitol ship. Unlike the other half of the tributes that were in the arena that year, she was not told to protect Peeta or Katniss.


When District 13  broke in the Capitol  to save the remaining victors held hostage, his name was seen on a black pillar, along with his other victors from 5.


  • She was friends with victor James Logan since preschool.