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"Well, thats the guy who won that year. Used those mines to bomb the careers. I must say it was a genius move on his part"

-Zenobia Rivendell talking about Honorius

Honorius is the first victor of District 3, winning The 18th Hunger Games at the age of 18.



18th Hunger Games

His Games are described by Magnus, "Victoria exudes herself to watch some Games. I can't tell who's who, but the tributes are fighting in an arena thats pretty much a big minefield. I decide to watch too, since it looks pretty nice. The mentors watch too.

"Ahhhh... those were Honorius's Games!" Zenobia says.

"Whos Honorius?" I ask.

"Well, thats the guy who won that year. Used those mines to bomb the careers. I must say I was a genius move on his part", she says. Right then a boy from 5 tries to reactivate one but it blows up in his face, obviously killing him. I laugh a little bit. C'mon, you know that was hilarious. The mentors laugh too.

Her Games are described by Magnus in "When a Tribute becomes a Victor",

"Oh my God! No way!", Kate shouts. I see her looking at the part where Honorius plants 3 mines at the camp of the careers while they were sleeping, and a tiny lizard crawls on it. It might've been a mutt. Out of nowhere, it explodes, killing all of the remaining 3 careers."

Its also known that his odds of winning were 11-1. 

19th Games

A year after his victory, he mentored Fawn into victory.

26th Games

During this time, he is one of the mentors of this year's Games. He is described as being a cool person, and a supportive character, being also being called a dad to Magnus.

75th Games

This year, he would mentor both Wiress and Beetee. Very shortly after this, he would die, just before the Victor's Purge would commence.


In one of the film places they used to shoot the first film, there were many pillars showing the names of each victor that won a Hunger Games. As expected, his name showed up on one of the pillars there, along with the other victors from his district.


  • He was born the same year as Woof was.