"I am accompanied by the Gamemakers, including the Head Gamemaker, Hastan Naqvi. He has spiky neon green hair, with a short pointy mustache pointing upwards. He looks bizarre, but he's a mastermind at traps when it comes to the Games."

-Rummage Lorman talking about Hastan

Hastan was the Head Gamemaker from 1 ADD-5 ADD. He was one of the most liked Head Gamemakers for having such good arena ideas, like how he let the audience see The 2nd Hunger Games, even the arena was shrouded in darkness, but he used high quality night-vision cameras to let people see what was going on. Many also liked the arenas for The 5th Hunger Games and The 4th Hunger Games that he made up, and the finale idea he had in The 1st Hunger Games with a volcano emerging and eventually erupting. People were very sad to see him go when he died of kidney failure. He made the tribute's lives in the arena a living hell.

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