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Grey Fretta is one of the victors from District 1, winning The 49th Hunger Games at age 18. She also appears in the propaganda from the Capitol.


49th Games

Grey volunteered for the 49th edition of the Hunger Games, being almost expert in many weapons, such as daggers, knives, sword and spear.

During this time, her odds of winning was 2-1, which was very impressive, almost guaranteeing her victory. During the bloodbath, her throat was slit by her district partner that betrayed her but she stilled miraculously survived. After this, her district partner lied to the other Careers that she had died, but that was not the case. After that, she hunted down the Career alliance she was once friends with and slaughtered them all, killing 10 people in total when in the arena, crowning her the victor.

Later life

Grey became an instructor at the academy in District 1, where she spent most of her time teaching the next tributes. During the 66th Games, she mentored the male from her district. Because she had a job to mentor, she had to cancel being the instructor this year for obvious reasons. Jackson catches his district partner watching his Games as well, and Jackson spots Grey during the tribute parade with Terra Kinnimonth.

75th Hunger Games

She was a mentor of Gloss and Cashmere. The other mentor was Gaius Flamsteed, another victor from her district. However, the tributes both die in the Games anyways on day 2.


When District 13 broke in the Capitol to save the remaining victors held hostage, her name was seen on a black pillar, along with his other victors from 1.


Grey was the first rebel victor from District 1 to die.