34th Hunger Games Fanon Wiki

"There's an old man who keeps a small herd of goats on the other side of the Seam. I don't know his real name, everyone just calls him the Goat Man."

-Katniss talking about him in The Hunger Games

The Goat Man is a character that played a very short part in The Hunger Games. As of now, nobody knows his real name, but thats what people call him since he saved up enough money after working in the mines to buy a couple of goats, probably for food. His appearance is said that his joints are swollen and twisted in painful angles, and he's also said to be filthy and impatient.

When Lady, one of his goats, had gotten injured, he had to hold her up to milk her from that point on. He was planning to send Lady to the butcher since she's not of much worth, since she is injured after all. When asked how much Rooba was giving for her, he said, "Hang around and see." After that, Rooba encountered the three and she took it from there. After that, Katniss and Gale had to negotiate to get the goat with a fair price.