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Gaius/Gauis Flamsteed is the last victor of District 1. He won The 69th Hunger Games at the age of 18.

69th Hunger Games

Gauis trained until he was 16, when he was reaped for the 68th Games. Nobody volunteered in his place. 

During the tribute parade, he and his district partner wore golden and white greek-inspired outfits this year. Since he had jewelry on him, his costume probably resembled luxury.

When the Games were about to begin, the girl from 3 dropped her token, a small wooden ball, which resulted in her exploding by the mines beneath her. This almost blew Gaius off his pedestal, but he managed to keep balance, as he was very close to her pedestal. It is known that his odds of winning her 6 - 1.

The arena was a desert, as Atala mentions. He allied with a tribute from District 7 before the Games began. In the bloodbath, all of his Career allies died, and he ran off with the ally from 7. On day two, he killed two tributes with his scythe. Days passed, and some of the remaining tributes were getting killed off by dehydration. Gaius's District 7 friend was killed by an Escorpelicus, a mutation of a scorpion, but much larger and lethal. When that person died, Gaius just managed to hold on to his life longer than the others, and he was crowned the victor this year.

The 75th Hunger Games

Once Gloss and Cashmere were officially a part of the Games, Gaius and Grey Fretta, a fellow victor from the same District, mentored the two tributes for the upcoming 3rd Quarter Quell. However, the two tributes died on the second day anyways.


Gaius died in the rebellion of the Districts, specifically in the battle of District 1 when the Capitol took him to extract information. However, he didn't know anything, and he was killed. He was the last victor to be killed during the Victors Purge. During this time, when District 13 was breaking in to save the remaining victors held hostage in the Capitol, his name was seen on a black pillar with the names of his other fellow victors from the same district. The other districts had the same thing, with their names plastered on the pillars as well.