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Fawn is one of the other victors of District 3, winning The 19th Hunger Games at the age of 17. She was one of the smartest victors to ever win a Hunger Games.

Sources: Fanshungergames and 66th Hunger Games Wiki

19th Hunger Games

When she was reaped, she already worked in a chemical lab for the Capitol. She won by killing two tributes in the start-middle stages in the Games. During the finale, she hid and killed the last tribute, crowning her the victor. When she did win, she wasn't that popular, and was found as less pretty and nice as the other female tributes from her Games. Also, her odds of winning were 5-1.

26th Games

During this time, she is one of the mentors from her home district, "After her, I get pumped to meet the rest, until I see that one of them is Fawn Odinshoot. Not only is she ugly as shit, but she also very...unkind I guess you could say. And guess what? She is. I guess she's in a hissy fit all the time for some reason."

40th Hunger Games

During this year, she was one of the mentors from her district this year. She eventually meets the victor that year, "After him, theres Fawn Odinshoot, an ugly woman. I forgot how she won, but the only thing I see in the highlights for her Games was her killing two tributes. Yeah, she wasn't that nice either for some reason. She's kind of full of herself, being so smart.  Whenever I see her, I think of Jessica, since she was probably mentored by her."

44th Hunger Games

Fawn was the mentor for Wiress Plummer, a fellow victor from the same district.


Fawn voted no for prying from the Capitol. For this, she was killed by the rebels. She was one of the first to die in 75 ADD.

In one of the film places they used to shoot the first film, there were many pillars showing the names of each victor that won a Hunger Games. As expected, her name showed up on one of the pillars there, along with the other victors from her district.


  • The name Fawn in English means: young deer.