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Eero is the 4th Victor of District 7, at age 17. It is said that he is so handsome (as stories tell) that he is named the predecessor of Finnick Odair and Augustus Braun. Since he was named this, he would have had to won before The 65th Hunger Games, since thats when Finnick won. Its also stated that he won after The 31st Hunger Games as well. Because of this, he was probably the victor of The 34th Hunger Games.



34th Games

During his private session, he got a very high score, making his odds of winning 4 - 1. Since the arena took place in an underwater arena, it was very important that the tributes knew hot to swim, as they also had different tribute outfits this year, which was a scuba diving outfit, with each district tributes having different color representing their district. District 4 did really well in this arena as expected.

Eero Nitya won his Games by killing some tributes, including a career, with a knife, sword, and axe. He managed to get food and rescources while he was in the arena. He won by using his axe against the last tribute. The Capitol offered their new victory a robotic leg but Eero made one himself out of wood. Its also known that there were hammerhead shark mutts this year that killed a lot of tributes.

Eero Nitva posing as the District 7 poster, you can see his wooden leg, and other things relating to District 7.

40th Games

During this year, he and Sabille were the mentors of their tribute this year. He is described by Thorburn, the victor that year, "From 7, I first talk to Eero Nitva. He suffered from a wound in the leg in the games that he got from a career, so when he won, his leg had to be amputated. He refused a robotic leg, and bade one him self primarily out of wood, being from District 7.  He's a really nice person with a gentle personality, and the Capitol loves him for his story and because of his amazing looks. Im not gonna lie, he's quite a handsome person."

57th Games

During this year, he mentored Blight into victory.

75th Hunger Games

During this time, he mentored victors Blight Jordan, in whom he had already mentored before, and Johanna Mason. Eero told the 2 tributes the secret plan to save Katniss Everdeen. Because of this, he was killed during the Victor's Purge.


During this time, when District 13 was breaking in the Capitol to retrieve the fellow victors, his name was seen on a pillar with his fellow victors from the same district.


  • The name "Eero" means "eternal ruler".