Drusus Snow (sometimes called Drusius) is the husband of Calemus Snow, and is the brother of Janus Trinket. Its known that his brother attended his wedding as a best man.


Drusus was born in the Trinket Family, so he always had a passion for fashion. He was born in 35 PI. When in his 30's, he married Calemus Snow, but the Capitol did not like their marriage, as it wasn't a man and a woman. For this, they punished both of them, taking his privilege of being the ruler of Panem. They also executed him for this, putting him in a firing squad. He died during the 2nd Hunger Games. This made Calemus so heartbroken he committed suicide 2 years after his death. However, the Capitol covered up his death and said that he died in some sort of horrible accident.

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