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Drusilla is the mother of Celestia and Agrippina Snow, and the husband of Julianus Snow.


Drusilla was born during The 21st Hunger Games, the ones that Leonis Elestren won. Her husband was alive for this event, as she was 10 years younger than him. According to Celestia, she was born in the Octus Family. Her family greatly spoiled her. Later, while she was attending the most expensive college in the Capitol, she met Julianus Snow, and they both fell in love. Many think she married him just for his wealth, but that was not true. Later, she would have a daughter named Agrippina Snow, born in 59 ADD, and Celestia Snow, born in 60 ADD. Out of the two lovers, Drusilla was the one for a lust for power, and would constantly fight with Coriolanus Snow.


After her husband has committed suicide, many want her and the rest of her family dead. Celestia joins the rebels. She and Agrippina are spared. In later life, she is faithful to the Capitol, but she sees that the Games are a mistake and should never happen again. She and Agrippina change their names to make sure their is no trace of their heritage left. Celestia on the other hand fled from the capitol and never returned.