34th Hunger Games Fanon Wiki

District Gifts are gifts the Capitol gives when a District has won a Hunger Games for their first time.

  • District 2 received a bronze statue of a gladiator for their brutality.
  • District 3 received a huge gear made of diamonds representing technology.
  • District 4 received a large quantities of the most advanced fishing boats.
  • District 5 received a huge particle accelerator for their victory.
  • District 6 received an enormous custom Capitol mothership.
  • District 7 got a a special genetically modified tree with pink leaves that grew all kinds of fruit on it.
  • District 8 received a huge surplus of free Capitol clothes that were very stylish.
  • District 9 received a wheat farm with a root system from intercropping that gave them food all year around.
  • District 10 received 10 farms with special extinct animals that were resurrected from scientists from the Capitol that had the DNA of many animals that died out.
  • District 11 received very special farming equipment that gave them food much faster.
  • District 12 received a huge coal mining factory.