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"Textiles are flexible materials made of a network of natural or artificial fibers – and you couldn’t live without them. District 8 produces the textiles that impact every moment of our lives. The clothing we wear, the clean water we drink, the sports we play, our health, and the safety of our cities are all possible through innovation in textiles. Textile innovation has shaped the course of Panem - It’s the fabric that surrounds us!"

-Panem Propaganda

Dark Days

During the Dark Days, District 8 and the others were defeated by the Capitol. However, District 13 was completely destroyed.

Main Export

Their main industry is textiles, so they make all of the clothing pretty much everywhere in Panem. All citizens of District 8 are needed to work in the factories besides their other jobs and school.

Hunger Games

District 8 does not usually do terribly well in the Hunger Games. In fact, they usually die during the first day. However, if they act resilient and stay away from the fighting (since their tributes weren't made to fight) they can make traps out of leave, vines, and other things. This has happened before, and this is one of the common ways they've won.


The following jobs are offered in District 8:

  • Factory worker
  • Weaver
  • Dress maker
  • Designer
  • Warehouse manager
  • Teacher
  • Tailor/Seamstress



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