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"Electric, solar, and nuclear - District 5 harnesses the energy of the earth and the sky in order to power our great nation".

-Tribute Guide

Dark Days

District 5 and the others except for 13 were defeated in the dark days, but district 13 was completely destroyed at this time.

Main Export

Their main export is electricity, making them have to power all of Panem. For a long time District Five was the place to be if you wanted to work with animals, and remnants of this industry still remain, from scattered ranches to exotic pet breeding for the richer members of the populace.

However, the time when husbandry truly dominated the economy is past, and now oil rigs and refineries are the far more common sights. Sadly, the region is becoming far more polluted than in previous years- but it's also better off financially than before, so many consider the smog an unfortunate but more than fair tradeoff.

Hunger Games

District 5 doesn't do so bad in the Games. This is not a surprise since their tributes are very smart. They win more than most districts.


These are jobs in District 5:

  • Powerplant security officer
  • Geologist
  • Equipment manager
  • System analyst
  • Maintenance