34th Hunger Games Fanon Wiki

"Panem is one of the most advanced nations in mankind's history, thanks to the efforts of District 3. Its computers keep us all connected and its electronic gadgets keep us all entertained."

Dark Days

During these times, District 3 was defeated, along with every other District except for 13, which was completely obliterated.

Main Export

It's main industry is technology. They make all the gadgets and computers of Panem. This often makes their tributes the smartest in the Hunger Games. They are also the smartest district, along with District 5, in which they have a great relationship with. Easily the most polluted of the Districts, and near to the smallest despite its large population, Three is home to most of Panem's high-technology workings.

From computers to helicopters, District Three makes it all - but, of course, the citizens here rarely get to keep their products. A good portion, including anything even vaguely military, is shipped to The Capitol for use by government officials and Peacekeepers. Most of what remains is bought out by Capitol citizens or those from other upper Districts, leaving District Three relatively rich (so long as you're more than a lowly factory worker, of course) but nearly as technologically destitute as the middle Districts.

Hunger Games

District 3 uses tactics and observations to win their Games, as they're not good fighters most of the time. However, one time, the female tribute from 3 in The 69th Hunger Games dropped her token, a small wooden ball, before the countdown ended, triggering the mines around her, killing her. Katniss describes her that she had to be collected in parts. District 3 was the only district that had a tribute die before the Games would start.


The following jobs are offered in District 3:

  • Technical support
  • Assembly operator
  • Engineer
  • Tester
  • Technician
  • Electronic installation
  • Experimental physicist
  • Inventor
  • Mechanic