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"Known for its bountiful orchards, District 11's workers spend their days among rustling fruit trees and sizeable farms."

-Tribute Guide

Source: https://the-66th-hunger-games.wikia.com/wiki/District_11

Dark Days

District 11 and the others except for 13 were defeated in the dark days, but district 13 was completely destroyed at this time.

Main Export

It's main export is agriculture, so they grow all the fruits and vegetables in Panem. People start working in the fields at a young age doing this task, and stop doing it when they reach adulthood.

Hunger Games

District 11 does not do so well in the Games. However, since they work in the fields, it gives them lots of strength. Other districts have this advantage too, like District 9, 7, 2, 1, and maybe District 4 (since they're careers). They use sickles and scythes to harvest wheat in the fields, and these tools are offered in the arena. So then they're in there, the tributes of 11 are very good at using them.


  • Sorter
  • Irrigator
  • Farmhand
  • Harvester
  • Gardener



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  • Most of the residents here are African American