District 10 Male (73 HG)

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The District 10 Male participated in The 73rd hunger Games.

73rd Games

Its unknown if he volunteered or not, but regardless, he was a formidable tribute and was a force to be reckoned with. His training score was an 8, which was just as good as the District 1 Female's score. He was described by Caesar as a fit 16 year old, who gave the audience a show, always entertaining them, meaning that he probably killed many tributes before his death. However, he didn't kill anyone from what we know.

During the Games, he killed possibly a tribute or more, since he had very good skills when it came to fighting. However, he was killed by Wade Rankine, the victor that year, as he struck his head repeatedly until he died. His death was very gruesome to many people watching, as it even bewildered Wade a bit. He placed 2nd in the Games by being a skilled survivor. His placing and his fighting skills is why people speculate that he killed 1 or more tributes.

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