34th Hunger Games Fanon Wiki

"‘Ladies and gentlemen, let the twenty-ninth Hunger Games begin!" Booms the voice of the announcer, Didius Templesmith.’"

-Phox Yule talking about Didius in 29 ADD in "The 29th Hunger Games"

Didius Romulus Templesmith was the announcer during the 1st- the 40th Games. He would later pass this job to someone else.

4th Games

He is heard announcing the commence. When Wolfmark becomes a victor, he is about to announce his victory but vomits mid sentence after seeing how the D4 Male died.

26th Games

This year, he is mentioned to be the announcer. He is heard when the tributes went in their glass tubes, and when Magnus won his Games, announcing his victory.

27th Games

During this time, he is seen talking on the news multiple times, and is seen spectating during the Games, along with Gaius.

29th Games

During the 29th Games he is heard announcing the commencement of the Games.

40th Games

He is only mentioned once, in where Thorburn wins, and he announces the winner that year. It is also mentioned on how he spoils his son a lot.